Relaxation in your lunch break

Wellsystem Medical and Wellsystem Medical_Plus are motivation- and relax point for your company. People who are already affected by tensions and backaches, as well as employees, who can work more effective after a short relaxation and loosening of the muscles, profit by the positive effects of Wellsystem Medical and Wellsystem Medical_Plus. Already a few minutes contribute to enhance the efficiency of your employees enormously. Due to the use of Wellsystem Medical or Wellsystem Medical_Plus as an important part of your company, your employees will have more motivation at work. Another positive side effect: the status of employee’s illness could be reduced constantly by regular application.

Furthermore, measures for company fitness and health security of the employees may be rewarded in tax benefits.

// The sport centre at the University of Flensburg, Germany, boasts a wellness lounge with three Wellsystem hydrojet devices. Dr. Thorsten Oldag, director of the sports centre knows that the free of charge offer for university employees to take a short period of relaxation during their lunch break is exceptionally popular: "The wellness lounge offers maximum relaxation with a minimum of effort, because the massage is carried out fully clothed - users only need to take off their shoes before entering the lounge." //

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