Wellsystem Medical
for therapy and prevention

Back and joint pains, muscle tension, muscular imbalances, stress-related muscular tension, cervical migraines. These are frequently occurring and often chronic complaints. The unique "dry water massage" therapy concept is the optimal solution. For prevention and therapy.

Wellsystem Medical combines the gentle power of water with beneficial warmth to create a unique therapy concept with a diverse range of positive effects:

  • Pain relief
  • Decrease in muscle tensions
  • Correcting muscular imbalances
  • Optimising muscle tone
  • Improvement of local blood circulation and metabolism
  • Venous and lymphatic unblocking
  • Loosening of the subcutaneous tissue
  • Positive influence on the vegetative nervous system with favourable effects on the internal organs

// With Wellsystem Medical you have the right therapy concept for every patient: Wellsystem Medical stands for customised massage while fully clothed – without needing to change, without showering afterward, for rapid availability and simple operation. //

Wellsystem Medical is the technically enhanced version of the well known Hydrojet, which has been in successful operation since 1992.

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